Our Services

Outsourced Management

Volterra’s Social Media Community Management, and Customer Service Program


Setup Initial Accounts and Content Sources

Community Management, Customer Service, Sales Lead Generation

Tailored response time for customer service or next business day. Volterra posts content to established networks, platforms, and channels based on the quantities and frequency agreed upon. Volterra responds to any customer inquiry within mutually agreed upon timeframe (e.g. within 3 hours) or next business day. Volterra proactively searches for and engages sales leads on behalf of the client.

Content (e.g. articles, blogs, images, videos)

Planning, sourcing, and creating as required based on client needs.

Optional additional content and/or networks

Volterra provides a set amount of content published to specific social networks on a monthly basis but if there is a need for more content and/or posting to more networks then that can be discussed.

Social media marketing is about identifying
the essence of engagement